Good morning Braves fans. 2  things happened yesterday that should never happen to yours truly. Luckily both stories end with a happy ending.

Yesterday was a unique day. Internal asleep while watching the Braves game, but wait the story gets better. Yesterday was also the first time in many moons I d u d not write about the Braves dusting the division race ever! Bad Matt!! How could I allow these things to happen? Yesterday was an extremely busy one for me. I’ve learned that if waking up early in the morning and start writing then it’s just delayed and delayed even more. Eventually the delays turn into not writing at all. Because going to the movies and lunch with my nephew turned into us also having dinner. It was a day full of unhealthy but quick eating at a restaurant with a big M in it’s name, the food made me tired as sashimi. You get the point. It’s time for the good news I promised in the opening title, the Braves won both of the games!

  1. On Tuesday night the Braves won against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a big way . It’s true that realistically a win is only a win on paper, but my 2nd favorite Braves player Dansby Swanson had 2 monster homeruns. Now I know it was not a mistake order I ordered my red, white, and blue Swanson jersey. It’s unfair to list my favorite Braves players in order, it’s like saying who your favorite child I s. That’s easy for me, o only have one son. Stephen you are very safe since your dad has given up on dating and having anymore kids. I’ll be 46 next month. Time to give up on the idea of starting a new family. I apologize, that is an’m not her story f o r another day. Let’s t walk about more baseball and ok less about m y personal life.
  2. Luckily my morning  news show is MLB Network. I could honestly care less about politics right now. Catch me in the off season. Last night’s games are my ideal baseball games. Very low scoring and full of excitement.I did see Ronald Acuña Jr.  smash hit first inning homerun in Pittsburgh to set the stage for the Braves. Julio Teheran was on the mound and having his veteran presence pitching was a sight to see. Who knows where Teheran will b e pitching next season, again that’s another issue and article for the off season. My favorite Braves player Freddie Freeman drove in the winning run with a deep sacrifice ball to left field that made for the final score 2-1. The Braves won and now you have it. GO BRAVES!!!

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