The Braves have won their 5th straight game, but don’t get cocky just yet Braves fans.

It was a great game last night in Miami with the division rival Marlins. Both teams received warnings yesterday from the home plate Umpire. Ronald Acuña Jr. hit a monster homerun in the first inning and he did admire hit shot into left centerfield. Yeah Ronald Acuña Jr.don’t do that. Yes you are 1 of if not the hottest hitters in baseball, but you don’t go on the road and admire your homeruns. One of the/ veteran players or coaches should have warned you DON’T DO THAT.  Yes you are having fun and almost no one denies your ability at the plate, but trust me you do not to be an arrogant baseball player who wants to upstage other teams. That kind of reminds me of a certain Washington Nationals players who fans either love or hate. Trust me one Bryce Harper in baseball is enough.

It w was a great display of hitting last night with several Braves players enjoying great days at the plate. Acuña and Ender Inciatre both hit home runs. Not wanting to steal the spotlight Kurt Suzuki and Adonis Garcia also had home runs . Sean Newcomb was magnificent on the mound last night and pitched 6 strong innings. He was not arrogant or noble (that’s for you mom) about it p. He threat the Marlins rookie after the Marlins threw at Acuña later in the game. When teams start throwing fast balls at each other bad things happen. Especially division rivals. Even teams in different divisions get into that same mentality. Need proof about that? Ask Freddie Freeman which team threw at him and broke his wrist.

 Baseball is a great game and I love it. I wish certain rules in baseball would change at the winter meetings. I’m not just talking about o 7th instant ready and the bias there. Having all reviews happen in New York?  That’s very biased. When Greg Maddux should of been the first player who played in Atlanta to have been voted unanimously into the Hal of Fame but he fell 1 vote short. Guess where that w writer and his supposedly unbiased vote lived? New York?  Say it ain’t so, but unfit is very true. Attention people of New York, you do not rule the world. I’m picking gnat $hit out of pepper now, but this is my article. Let’s get rid of the bullying and biased in baseball. That’s what politics are for. Fake news? Sure but it’s better to recognize racism and bigotry in baseball before it gets 4 more years in Washington. GO BRAVES!!!


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