It’s okay Braves fans, don’t cash in all your poker chips just yet. A 1-0 loss is not catastrophic.

When I was considering not even writing this morning and afternoon I thought t o m yselfim just a little punk. Only a coward w would runaway when they are faced with  a challenge or fight. My fighting day y s are long g one. Kicking my arse kicked in 3rd g rdade thought me nothing. I flipped an older kid off at scholarship. He was a trade higher than me so I thought I was untouchable. Weird I know, but t when again so am I..He lived in the same neighborhood as me, but he never came off as intimidating. Quite the opposite, I c o lux of heat his arse, but being suckered punch while getting off the school bus was indeed being a coward, on his part. He never faced me or challenged me like a “man” he came out from behind h his wall  of neighborhood kids who were also little hoodlums growing up  Remember when I said I ha t e fights both physical and other outright screaming  and out right physical fight? Well in case you d ok ent knows j ok w you do.

Mike Foltynewicz pitched a marvelous game e last night in Miami. The Marlins on’ll y scored one run off of him. It turns n s out 11 was enough. The Braves got a lot of good hits last night and even had men in scoring positions, but the team llost. It was g as b even engraved in my mind since seeing The Bad News Bears ever since I was a kid, a team loss is a team loss. In other h Dr words it wasn’t anyone’s faults I watched m I st of the gf and, or rather h heard most of it. Something amazing hap o ending last night that got the majority of my attention. I’ll explain later, probably. Sometimes things happen when you least expect them. I wasn’t planning on the Braves as vets losing, but guess what? They did.

I keep a very odd schedule most people can’t understand. I wake up very early like today. I was out of bed by 3:30am and instead of writing, I tried to capture the magic of last night. Guess what? I did capture the magic once again but as I am sitting g her at 1:20pm a nap sounds like the best thing in the world. My bed is calling my name, but I’m too busy writing to hear it. The classical music in j y ear buds are h helping to. Th e y inspire me to write down exactly what in I’m thinking. This doesn’t hap l enjoy much. J oh really my m I’ll nd spits out words faster than I can talk. Okay I’ll slow down. The Braves l o st last night, but know gets hope t o day they will be b back with a new found p passion. That passion should be losing stinks. L gets h u t t h e Shinjuku o u t o f the b all tonight, and score some runs. I’m out or like I tell everyone on social media when e n I’m done, Deuces. GO BRAVES!!!


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