Thanks Marlins, but Miami is for the Bird…Cage

  1. Okay I’ll give It to you, that opening its cheesy, but every article needs help a title. Also so there is no backlash, the Brdcage is one of my favorite movies of all time. When Nathan Lane is trying  to walk like John Wayne that’s comedic gold in my book.  Sunday’s game was a great game for the Braves, but I wouldn’t refer to it as epic. Kevin Gausman pitched a jewel but to call l it epic isn’t for me and. FlEishman only allowed 2 on base through 5 innings Being he armchair manager I am, Brian Snitker  you’d have let Gausman pitched longer. Gausman could of probably pitchex a complete game, but now we will never know. It’s ironic I will praise Snitker now after I just criticised him. Over the last couple of gamesq the Braves offense was endemic and that is being generous. I’ve never been to Miami but it is on my bucket list. 
  2. The Miami Marlins will be a very  competitive team and it could be as early as the the 2019 season. When your owners include Derek Jeter he does not accept mediocrity. It would be almost embarrassing for one of the best shortstops I’ve ever seen play. The New York Yankees made it a habit of defeating the Braves in the 1990s. Sorry Braves fans,  the Yankees of the 1990s were our kryptonite. The Atlanta Braves only World Series was against the Cleveland Indians in 1995. The facts are facts and water is still wet. Regardless of the Braves past the future in Atlanta is very bright. Brian Snitker is the new version Bobby Cox, and Alex Anthopoulos can be compared to the  greatness of John Sherholtz. Again facts are facts and water is still wet.
  3. I hate those comparisons and it’s wrong of me to  make them. If you can’t tell, I’m a the glass is half full kind of guy. I look towards the future in almost all the aspects in life. Probably why most of my relationships never last. My son Stephen gave me the best advice. He said dad, don’t pick out the wedding cake on the  first date. Thanks son, but I’m already planning the wedding after our first interaction. GO BRAVES!!!

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