The Braves have signed Tyler Flowers to a new one year contracts, then he blasts a 3 run Home Run to celebrate!!!

This game was on the radar of most baseball fans. In the South. Some but notal of baseball like for  1 of 2  things. They want to cheer  for their favorite  teams, or wish for their  so called “most hated” teams to lose. Well that sort of mentality ror me personally because infond it easier the createcan obscure thing like division rivals. Without out naminf certain teams, it isnt very hard tobfigure out who they are. Teams North of the Mason-Didie line are o n e big eyeroll for me. We wontvtalk about the fact my favorite college team plays in South Bend, Indiana. Moving on.
As I was preparing for my day of watching the MLBNetwork, a lot o f buzz was about one i f the hottest teams in baseball the Tampa Bay Rays. The temporary title was well desevered. The Ra y s h ad won 8 straight games including games against the Boston Red Soxs, the New York Yankees, and other American League West division rivals. The Atlanta Braves would certainly have their hands full with the Rays coming to Atlanta for a short 2 games series. This will be a good test for the Braves asvthey are looking toeztend their National League East dision lead which is 3.5 games. If you are a math guy like i pretend to be, rounded off that’s a 4 game lead.
This was a fantastic test for the Braves and their fans to see how good they are heading into a post season run. The roster rotations increase to 40 men on a lineup card at the end of August.
One of the many question was who was going to step up to the plate and help the ball club. Freddie Freeman, Ronald Acuña Jr., OzziecAlbies, Ender Inciatre, and the list goes on. Well never count out a native Georgian to have his moment in the spotlight, Tyler Flowers. The 1, 2 punch of Kurt Suzuki and, Tyler Flowers are doing a remarkable job. True both Suzuki and FloweIrs are being hit with inside pitches accidentally or on purpose. Take which ever side fulfills your needs. In the final analysis Tyler Flowers absolutely crushed the ball over the left field wa with a line drive homer. This put the game unto a lead abd Ender Inciatre also was amazing going 4 for 4atvt h e plate with a home run of his own as the Braves took down the Rays withca final score of 9 to 5. Sounds likeca Dolly Wsong. GO BRAVES!!!


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