The Braves get a huge win in Atlanta last night. This is the playoffs version of the Braves we’ve been waiting on.

With all the focus of yesterday being the start of the 2018 college football season, did you forget about September baseball? September baseball is like drinking your morning coffee with an energy drink mixed in for the added boost! It’s that time of year for high adrenaline rushes! The month hasn’t changed, September has always been my personal favorite month (just overlook my birthday on the 24th.) It’s nice seeing the Atlanta Braves competing for a place in the Fall classic!

If last night was a hint of what the future holds, I’ll buy a first class ticket! Great pitching, timely hitting, and Freddie Freeman making his case as National League Most Valuable Player. Of course there will be arguments and discussions as other worthy players, but I write about the Braves. The Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, and almost the entire National League West hav e their own heroes. But for me it’s an open and shut case. My only argument might be for Nick Markakis also being considered for the NL MVP. The Rookie of the Year should go to Ronald Acuña Jr. Again that may be biased, but I only focus on the Braves so cut me a bit of slack.

The Pittsburgh Pirates might have lead early, but this is a 9 inning game. I have criticized the Braves on the similar argument so there you have it. The Braves have has a history in the 2018 season for scoring in the later innings. Yes it can be stressful but this is why we love baseball right? If every game was a blowout non competitive game, then find another sport thank you. Dansby Swanson hit a home run that caused SunTrust Park to literally start shaking. This is why Cobb county became the new home of the Atlanta Braves. A smaller stadium that can still pack a good sized crowd. Freddie Freeman drove in the go ahead run with a key double in the 8th inning. All manager Brian Snitker had to do was let his shut down bullpen take it from the 7th inning on. Kevin Gausman pitched a brilliant game before Brian Snitker opted for the fo Braves bullpen to secure the win. This is why baseball is far more exciting than football for me. GO BRAVES!!!


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