This is possibly a World Series preview, hopefully not if you support the Braves though.

Yesterday’s game in Atlanta was extremely exciting. The crowd was very much into the game and almost every pitch was met with either silence or enthusiasm. This is playoff time with the regular season itching closer to an end. If you are a Boston Red Soxs fan ( which is my favorite AL team ironically) then you were very happy. There is no other word to describe it. You took the best the Atlanta Braves had to offer and you came out victorious. Keep in mind Braves fans this is 1 game. The World Series is the best of 7 tournament and any team can lose a playoff bid the the first round. Unfortunately the Braves know this all too well.

The Braves have absolutely no reason to hang their heads in shame. Touki Toussaint pitched a marvelous game yesterday in Atlanta. Did the Braves managers possibly pull the plug too early? In my humble opinion, yes they did. I understand that the coaching staff wants to preserve their pitchers arms for the remainder of the season , but eventually Brian Snitker will make the right call. He might have done so yesterday, but that is one of the great unknowns about baseball. Honestly I didn’t finish watching the game after the throwing error by Freddie Freeman. I was not upset with Freeman at all. His is my favorite player on the Braves roster. The commentators were happy to throw Freddie Freeman under the bus and blame his throwing error on the game’s collapse. You can’t have it both ways, it’s unethical to praise Freddie Freeman one moment only to place all the blame on his shoulders in the same damned inning! Sorry for cursing but I was and still am outraged.

Freddie Freeman is an extremely talented player and hands down the best player in the National League. I’ve stated this time and time again, he is only human. If you are looking for a virtual reality video game version of a sport buy a gaming console. I have a PS3, but video games aren’t my thing honestly. I will play a racing game that my nephews introduced me to and that’s very calming. There is no human element involved. If I win a race than great. If I lose I can keep trying over and over or until I either give up or run out of gas. I’m not implying that the Braves might be running out of gas at all. Is this a World Series preview? Possibly. If the Braves or Red Soxs lose in the playoffs will I still watch the World Series? Absolutely. You watch a game for the love you have for it. I love baseball and yes it has loved me back. You should see my room and closet. It’s full of Braves things. From hats, too shirts, miniature pendants, jerseys, and T-shirt some times it feels like I lived in a gift shop. I do not hate another teams. There are no down with the Nationals, Phillies, Marlins, or Mets propaganda I have some Red Soxs hats and shirts too. I’m glad I got I’d of my I HATE THE YANKEES shirt with Red Soxs themed outlines. I much prefer my I DO IT WITH MY SOXS ON shirt. It funnier and and it usually gets a reaction. A positive reaction is my forte. Yesterday’s game was exciting but I never ask myself if I have made a right or wrong decision when it comes to the sport and teams I love. The mute button works wonder but so the OFF switch. GO BRAVES!!!


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