Great game in Atlanta even though the Red Soxs won the game and series. Great game in Atlanta even though the Red Soxs won the game and series.

Please Brian Snitker and the rest of the managers and coaches in Atlanta, stop with this 6 innings only for the starting pitchers nonsense. The Braves relief pitching is marginal at best. Marginal bullpens are very lucky to get passed the first round of the playoffs let alone make it to the World Series. The Boston Red Soxs are a perfect example. In 2016 in the American League playoffs the stage was set for David Ortiz to go out on top and when his 3rd World Series title with the Red Soxs. The Boston Red Soxs had arguably one of the best offenses in all of baseball in 2016. Look what happened? They were defeated by the Cleveland Indians. The Indians would lose to the Chicago Cubs in the Fall Classic, but it’s a great example of how big offense and hitters don’t win series, it’s the dominant bullpens and relievers.

I understand this is not even the playoffs yet, but Atlanta is going on the road to play The Arizona Diamondbacks and then head over to San Francisco to play the Giants. The Braves have great starting pitchers like Mike Foltynewicz, Sean Newcomb, Julio Teheran, Adonis Garcia and others. Take the training wheels off them and let them pitch beyond 6 innings. It’s very easy for me to sit in my room in South Carolina and point the blame at other’s decisions. I’m not a big league manager or coach and I’d never like to be one. I run on a lot of emotion and at times it can seems like a good shot of adrenaline, but in reality it normally ends up with me looking foolish.

The Atlanta Braves are a great team and the expectations are high this year, at least for me. Is it World Series or bust? No, in my little world anyway. Is it fair to compare them to the 1991 Braves when the went from Worst to First? Absolutely not, truth be told that little rally cry has always annoyed me. Do I hope the Braves do well in the National League playoffs? Yes, yes, yes. That’s my little rally cry I use that I’m sure annoys at least one person in the world. Maybe I should be more objective and not wish upon a star? Sure, but where’s the fun in doing that? Maybe I shouldn’t live in my own little worlds or having people think I’m crazy, but again why? Why should I act or be more “normal”to make others happy or to put a smile on their face? Who’s life is it again? Was I upset or even mad about the Braves being swept in Atlanta by the Red Soxs? No, call me crazy, but I had fun. I learned a lot too. GO BRAVES!!!


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