The Braves win out in Arizona in extra innings!

The Atlanta Braves losing streak stopped at 3 and were able to win in dramatic fashion in the 10th inning. I’ll be the first to admit, I do not watch Braves games where the first pitch isn’t even thrown until after 9:30pm. Again I do not work for the Braves, I only write fascinating (hopefully) articles about my favorite team. The Braves are playing on the West Coast and I’d much rather sleep than stress over 9 innings. The Arizona Diamondbacks were able to rally back in the bottom of the 9th inning. Again I’d much rather sleep than get upset over a baseball game I can not control.

I have to rely on box scores and the MLBNetwork to cram in the notable highlights and make those images sound fascinating. Freddie Freeman did hit a double in the first inning as the Braves scored 4 runs. The Braves were up 4-0 in the first inning as I did check on the score before I went back to reading ( or listening) to one of 2 books I’m currently reading. I also saw the Diamondbacks rally in the bottom of the first inning to score 3 runs before I was inclined to go back to my reading. I will not stress over baseball, that’s my new rule.

Kurt Suzuki and Johan Camargo did hit home runs last night. Suzuki hit his in the 4th inning and Camargo hit his in the 6th. Annabel Sãnchez started the game and pitched well, but he was not involved in the final winning numbers. I like that I have a new accent to do over the a in Sãnchez’s last name. Little things like this get me happy, so does a good night’s sleep. The Braves did their usual pitching by inning last night. When you have a closer who throws primarily fastballs the hitters know what pitch is coming. This isn’t some dominating 100 mph fast ball either. I applaud Braves manager Brian Snitker and the other coaches for using Brad Brach in a closing role. Brach is a 6 foot 6 inches intimidating presence on the mound. He also has a wicked fastball and a amazing curve with good movement to keep hitters guessing which pitch is coming. The Braves are now 3 and a half games in front of the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League East. The thing I love about September is how quick this month flies by. Maybe it’s because every single day is “important ” for sports, not just baseball either. Yes I do watch both college football and the NFL too. I just have my night’s closing with baseball, unless the Braves are playing on the West Coast. GO BRAVES!!!


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