The Braves win a spectacular game in Arizona!

Yes I did watch this game last night, well a lot of it anyway. I did not get to see Dansby Swanson’s heroics or Freddie Freeman score the go ahead run in the 9th inning. A good night’s sleep never felt better though. I only watch one college football game a week (GO IRISH.) After listening to the Braves announcers last night with the volume turned on, their commentary irritated me enough to watch Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia instead. Then in typical commentators fashion it was Kurt Suzuki who just couldn’t catch the ball. You know what Chip Carey and Joe Simpson, where was that description when Kurt Suzuki would hit a home run in the 8th inning? I guess every thing was fine then. Excuse me as I roll my eyes. I do that a lot.

Julio Teheran pitched for 6 solid innings after being yanked in the way the managers and coaches do. Last night the decision was a success as the Braves extended the National League East division lead back to 3.5 games. Okay I’ll be the jerk who rounds up numbers, it’s a 4 game lead in the NL East. Go ahead and accuse me of jumping to conclusions and assuming too much. If that is the burden or title you give me, I’ll be just fine. Your personal feelings or your always wanting to be mathematically correct don’t bother me. They used to but again I just roll my eyes and continue.

The Atlanta Braves have 22 more games in the regular season. The 2018 season is coming to a close in about 3 weeks. The Braves are looking good and their final game of this series out in Arizona will be played today around 4pm. My volume will be on mute if I watch the game. I also have had church this morning, commenting on Facebook, and other various Sunday morning routine things done. It might be better to list the things I haven’t done. Reading the New York Times and doing their crossword puzzle is next on my list. Yes I am one of those people. Liberal who also likes to be informed of the news of the world. If that causes you to roll your eyes, guess what? I don’t care, remember I roll my eyes a lot to, and probably at some of the posts and comments on social media as well. You continue to roll your eyes at me and I’ll do the same with you,. At least we have the maturity some people will never have if we agree to disagree. GO BRAVES!!!


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