The Braves have a 5 game lead in the NL East! Don’t fall for that 4.5 nonsense.

Being politically correct in some situations in life might be for the best. I’m not politically correct and I like to stir the hornets nest. A time or two I have pushed the boundaries, but in all honesty that’s me being me. I have found the best way to deal with people who continue to push my buttons, or worse yet try to pull a fast one on me find themselves out of my life. Keep in mind, everyone deserves 2nd chances, or 3rd, 4th, or 5th chances but once you’re gone, I’m done. Piss off! I could of used much worse phrases, trust me. I chose to be politically correct for this article since it reaches 13 year old and they don’t need to read me busting out my Eminem lyrics or phrase. You’re welcome.

I’ve looked at every possible situation and scenario where the Atlanta Braves could not makes the play offs. I haven’t used social media to find the Braves magic number, but I’m almost certain one of my friends on Twitter said 16. I don’t know if that was before or after the Braves victory last night, but I’ll go with that number. The Braves still have 7 games head to head with the Philadelphia Phillies who are in second place in the National League East. Even in the unlikely scenario where the Phillies who are in a bit of a slump swept all 7 of the games, then you as the reader get the opportunity to tell me to piss off. I’ll even give up writing and find something else to do with my life. Who knows what but I’ll still be one of the biggest Braves fans who can name the players and positions for each team from 1988 on. Even the players who only played a couple of weeks for the Braves too.

I’m not looking for an argument or debate but I’ll be more than happy to have one with you. I’m in no way smarter than anyone else, but baseball has been my escape since I was 15. Please don’t try and do the math. I never had much luck with the ladies so baseball was how I spent my Friday and Saturday nights at home. A lot of good came out of my lonely nights. I saw the World Series where Kirk Gibson hit the home run in the bottom of the 9th inning and had his famous run around the base pads while pumping his fists. It was not the Braves but I love baseball first, then the Braves. Those kind of exciting moments in baseball are what defines me and my persona. Watching them 2018 Braves teams is creating brand new moments too. Watching Ozzie Albies continue to chew gum and blow bubbles while playing is one. Freddie Freeman making his push to the National League Most Valuable Player is a rush, but then again watching Nick Markakis making his name in the NL MVP race is just as exciting. I’m sure there are other MVP candidates who play in Chicago or Colorado, but they don’t matter to me. Can they piss off? No! Remember everyone love baseball first, then pick your team. GO BRAVES!!!


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