The Braves sweep the Giants in San Francisco

Yesterday was the final nail in the coffin for the road trip that saw the Braves win 6 of the 7 games on the last regular season trip to the West Coast. The game was streaming. Live on Facebook so if you wanted to watch the game, having a Facebook account was pretty much a requirement. Luckily I did not delete my Facebook account, but the thought of doing that has crossed my mind more than once. I use Amy Twitter more often than Facebook. There is a lot less drama on Twitter, and using Twitter is how I got my first opportunity at writing for SportNewsMagazine.

No one wants to read my account of how I began writing about sports for a living so I’ll skip over that part. Listening and watching the game out West was fun, but what I heard was a San Fransisco Giants team that pretty much gave up. Not only had the Giants thrown in the towel, but they weren’t playing with hardly any enthusiasm. One of my favorite pitchers on their starting staff Jeff Sarmacja, who happen to graduate from my favorite college football team Notre Dame, was more interested in starting how good the Atlanta Braves were doing and how he wished them the best of luck going forward. As a lifelong Braves fan, that was great to hear, especially since the Braves magic number keeps shrinking. My last check was the number was 11.

I was going to go on a bit of a long drawn on long article about baseball players and how they should never give up and play every game like it was your last game ever, but I didn’t want the to be the tone of this article. Braves fans should be celebrating that the long wait for a division title is coming to an end. I know I am, in fact I’m even looking at the chances to go and watch a playoff game in Atlanta. But since I am not made of money, my television might have to do the honor of showing me the experience of SunTrust Park in Atlanta. I’ll make that trip soon to Cobb county, but realistically it won’t be in 2018. Such is life but watching the Braves play with such fun and enthusiasm does make me very happy to be a Braves fan. My birthday is on the 24th of this month (September) and I bought myself a birthday present. I was such a “big spender”and bought a Ronal Acuña Jr. rookie card from Topps. I say money well spent! GO BRAVES!!!


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