Good morning Braves fans! The Braves magic number is now only 8!!

Even with back to back loses over the weekend, the Braves magic number shrank to 8 to win the National League East. The Philadelphia Phillies did manage to lose over the weekend and their lose shrank the number. If you are confused, don’t be. The only team in the National League East who can catch the Atlanta Braves are the Philadelphia Phillies. Yes the Washington Nationals could win every single game for the rest of they year, but the Braves and the Phillies would have to loose every single game. Sorry to sound like an arrogant Braves fan, but that’s not going to happen.

I did do some reading this weekend of some of my earlier articles, and I am horrible with my critique of the Phillies and the Nationals. I guess the anger comes out of jealousy since they are the 2 other teams who can catch the Braves in the National League East. I had to pause for a bit and realize I don’t hate anyone or any team. Maybe it’s fun in my head to make up “good guys and bad guys” but doing that shows my level of maturity. It’s actually a lack of maturity on my part, an$ I will be the first to tell you I am immature. If the Braves General Manager Alex Anthopoulos managed to lure Bryce Harper this off season to the Braves, I’d buy a Bryce Harper jersey the next day.

In all actuality that probably won’t happen, but it could. Alex Anthopoulos could also put together a blockbuster deal and lure Mike Trout from the Anaheim Angels too. Being a baseball General manger seems like a dream job from the outside looking in, but that has to be a very stressful and time consuming responsibility. I used to have jobs like that, very stressful jobs at banks and credit unions were the bottom line was to make money. I put too much pressure on myself as if I didn’t do my job diligently, I thought the whole bank or credit union would collapse. That was very Nieves thinking on my part but at the time I would not welcome your opinions in my life. It was like I was climbing a mountain and no matter what, I was going to get to the very top and let out a might roar, I really need to stop watching Rocky movies.

The Braves did lose back to back games this weekend and I’m sure both games could have been won. Is Julio Teheran now good trading bait? Are certain key members of the Braves line up expendable? Could I start naming players that mayor may not be wearing a Braves uni&or, in 2019? Sure I could but that might cause unnecessary back lash, and I’m trying to avoid stress, not create it. Many things can happen in the offseason, but I will write about that when the time is appropriate. Now is not that time. The Braves have a chance to go to the post season in 2018. With some luck thrown in, the Braves could potentially get the number 1 seed, but that is a bit of a stretch.

This is baseballand anything can happen. I’m no fortune teller and if you look around my room you will not find a crystal ball or tarot cards. But you will find more Braves things and shirts than a 45 year old man should have. If you ever come into my room and look at my closet, you will have no doubt who my favorite baseball team is. I am such a man boy . A man legally by my age, but More of a boy who gets really excited and pumped up for Braves games. I need to simmer down, like my friend TJ used to tell me when we worked together. Whatever happens in baseball is going to happen. Unfortunately owing 14 Braves shirts and jerseys won’t make them better or worse. The online stores love me, and I have managed to score a few free things on the side. What a life, but it is my life and your opinions are not needed. GO BRAVES!!!


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