The Cardinals walk their way into Atlanta and beat the Braves. However the Braves magic number is only 7 now.

The one thing worse than throwing errors has to be walks Baseball managers. The Braves starters and bullpens are walking way too many batters. Anyone who even knows baseball just as a casual fan would tell you free base runners aren’t good. They Braves pitching has struggled as of later especially in the last 4 games where they have walk 32 batters. The Braves have lost their third straight game in Atlanta and the St. Louis Cardinals must have been very ecstatic when the Braves pitchers kept walking batters last night. It was disgusting to watch this game.

If the Braves pitchers are just trying to be cleaver and painting the corners, here is a bit of advice, STOP! The Braves have an excellent infield lead by short stop Dansby Swanson. Swanson is key as the Braves shortstop. He controls the infield the way a pilot controls his plane. Sure Swanson does not have the final word as the master of the Braves offense, but Swanson is a great defensive leader. Swanson and Ozzie Albies and a great one, tow combination at shortstop and second base. Those two can not show of their skills in the infield if the Braves pitching st@ff continues to give free passes by walking batters.

This is the opportunity for the Braves to show baseball just how great the Atlanta Braves can be. When you have the opportunity they should take full advantage. The Braves are a very good baseball team with remarkable pitching. However the pitching staff as a whole need to come together and cut down on the walks. Even the Braves manager Brian Snitker will agree that giving the opposing a free pass to first place is not a good idea. I’m not trying to point fingers and place the blame on anyone or coach, but when it boils down to it Brian Snitker is the manager. The blame should ultimately fall to him.

Maybe that is unfair to say or in my case write about a manager. Their is a reason I’d never Manager a baseball team or get into the very stressful situation. I am trying to avoid stress in my life at all cost. Stress and Multiple Sclerosis do not mix well together. With that same rational walking batters and baseball are a terrible combination. The Braves will come together as a team as there must be some level of humiliation to go around the clubhouse. Maybe the vision of clinching the National League East needs to take a backseat. It’s time for the Braves veteran players like Freddie Freeman and Julio Teheran to take control,of the men on the field. The Braves magic number continues to shrink, but I’m almost positive the recent loses are leaving a bitter taste in the Braves mouths. The champagne popping will not quench that first either. The Braves are in a very good situation right now. Let’s hope like the champagne corks that the recent struggles don’t pop. GO BRAVES!!!


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