The Braves have many questions to answer as they drop their 4th straight game.

In case you have never read any of my articles before know thus. The Atlanta Braves are with no doubt my favorite team in baseball. Like any of my other loves in life, I can ask many questions. It doesn’t mean I have a hard time trusting people, but I am naturally curious. This is not the time of year for a 4 game losing streak, but I am a lose for words about how this continues to happen? Is Braves manager and coaches trying to play some kind of reverse physiology? That sounds good to me. As I watch the post game interviews Brian Snitker does not seem like a man whose team has just lose their 4th straight game in a heated post season dash for a playoff spot in the National League.

I’ll convince myself of almost anything. If I keep repeating the scenario over and over in my ty darn mind, then the impossible seems very truthful. This isn’t crazy but I love happy endings. If a happy ending and a fairytale aren’t possible, I’ll make it possible in my mind.. The oMaybe that is crazy but I’ve yet o meet a totally sane person, although my girlfriend is pretty darn close. The Braves have some questions that I would love to ask Brian Snitker and the other questions some questions but I am yet to find a 1-800:line to call the clubhouse in Atalanta that will work. Hey I believe in fairytales and I’d love to have answers for every single question I have. That will never happen and there are no magical potions I can take to give me all the answers. That’s my burden to bare, but I still live a happy life.

Is Mike Foltynewicz going to be the number 1 starting pitcher in the Braves post season run? Will Julio Teheran be a better option? Is Anaãbel Sanchez going to be the 2 nd starter? Is Sean Newcomb a better choice? Will Braves manager Brian Snitker use his other starting pitchers in bullpen relief? All the answers have the same answers, I don’t know. I guess the cooler or more hype way if stating that I’d Idk. I use the short word at times when I don’t feel like spelling that sentence. Mostly when messaging my friends or family. If I spouses Idk in any of my articles, my readers would shrink not increase. Oh well the point is I don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes. Your guess is as good as mine. Let’s all just believe in the same happy ending where the Braves are World Series Champions! That’s a dream I would love to wake up to. GO BRAVES!!!


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