Great game all around today. The Braves magic number is 6!

Touki Toussaint definitely made his case stronger for a position in the Atlanta Braves rotation in the 2018 post season. Braves manager Brian Snitker had to be very impressed today with Toussaint on the mound. It’s a bit too early for the Braves to set a starting rotation yet. Plus there are several other players who get to audition in front of the Braves manger and coaches. Sean Newcomb, Julio Teheran Anãbel Sanchez, and Kevin Gausman will all get at least 1 more chance to pitch for the Braves in the 2018 season.

The players will do there best pitching performance with the 2018 season wrapping up on September 30th. A week from Monday the regular season comes to an end. The Braves are going to the post season. Trust me I’ve looked into every possible scenario and the Braves would have to lose every single game for the remainder of the season and the Philadelphia Phillies of the Miami Marlins would have to win every single game. Sure in baseball it’s not over until the fat lady signs, but I hope she is at the very least dressed for the performance and is waiting on her que call to enter center stage. So I was a theatre arts major, big deal.

Freddie Freeman took control of the Braves offense today and drove in 3 of the Braves 5 runs. Freeman hit a 2 run homer and even though this was the only win in the Braves3 game series with the St. Louis Cardinals, Freeman was 8 for 13 at the plate. Nick Markakis contributed as well at the plate and in right field. Tyler Flowers hit a solo home run in today’s victory. The Braves begin a 3 game series with the Philadelphia Phillies tomorrow night and this will be the final home series for the Atlanta Braves in 2018.

The Braves should host at least 1 more season in the post season, but hopefully the are more series to be played at SunTrust Park in October. My finger and toes are crossed for the Braves and it’s not very hard to get excited for the Braves. The magic number may have decreased since it is only 10pm on Wednesday evening. My eyes are getting heavy and I think it’s time to end this article. Good night baseball fans. GO BRAVES!!!


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