The Braves magic number is only 4 now!

Last night’s game was exciting especially if you are the type of fan who watches the game only in the last 3 innings. There were several other options on television last night like a Thursday Night Football game, if that’s your thing. Also if you wanted to totally abandon sports all together, I’m sure there were movies or shows that could entertain you. I watched all 9 innings of the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies. That’s just me, all 9 innings of a baseball game are very entertaining to me, but I guess I’m more of an odd ball th@n most of the other baseball friends I know. To me getting inside the minds of the coaches and players is far more entertaining, but like I said I can be rather weird at times.

Kev8n Gausman pitched a very good game for the Braves and only allowed 3 runs total. Unfortunately he was not involved in the final box scores of the game. In other words, he did not get the win for a game which he was dominating. This article will not have the tone of some of my previous articles where I overly criticize manages, coaches or even players at times. I am not a bad person, although going back and reading some of my previous article+les I can can come off as a bitter old man. Does 45 make me old? I’ll be 46 on Monday, #o maybe it’s my version of a midlife crisis? I don’t know, I need to focus on thing# that make me happy. Like the Braves magic number Shri king with every win. That number shrinks even more when they play the Phillies, the only team in the National League East that have a mathematicalpossibilityto catch the Braves.

The Braves are a fun team to watch and @t times one particular player will shine more than others. Last night it was Dansby Swanson with his bat and his speed. Swanson literally went full speed around the base pads that turned a routine single into a double. It looked like the Phillies were not expecting a the speed of Swanson to hustle around first base and take their lack lusting defense that would break the 3-3 tie game. That is what is hopefully going to set the Braves apart in the playoffs. They are not going to be content with a single to left field. They will play small ball and keep all teams in baseball on their toes. It’s fun when the Braves take advantage of errors and misjudgments of other teams.

The 2018 season is coming to a close in days. The Atlanta Braves are ahead of schedule to most casual fans, but we saw a glimpse of this at the end of 5he 2017 season. Brian Snitker was the manager the Braves needed . Coaches like Ron Washington, Walt Weiss, others were able to show off 5heir great coaching abilities. Hopefully the coaching* unit will stay enact, but reality tells me some of them might find manager jobs with other baseball teams, it’s sad to think that. In reality, that’s baseball, you need to evolve to win, and this is a different game than it was even 10years ago. Maybe important kilt being a bitter old man again, bu5 if the Braves continue winning, 5h3n that’s a title everyone can call me. GO BRAVES!!!


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