Then there was 2! The Braves can can clinch the National League East with a win this afternoon.

What an emotional roller coaster last night. If you went to bed early, you missed a Braves rally and a come from behind victory. In case someone has the nerve to tell you Baseball is boring, havethem watch last night’s come from behin$ game. The Braves are playing with such a passion and enthusiasm it is hard to put into words the excitement of this team. As a am writing this article, I’m doing my best to use the proper words to describe the adrenaline rush this team must be on. Plus it was Friday Night fireworks in Atlanta. I couldn’t se them from South Carolina obviously I wonder if my girlfriend in Florida could hear them? That’s a rhetorical question, but one that I thought might be relevant.

One of I the greatest things about this team is their desire to win at whatever cost. There was not 1 players that I can write about and show how their personal heroics made the difference. This was truly a team effort. Julio Teheran pitched a good game. The run support was not there in the first part of the game, but in case you haven’t noticed the Braves love to rally late. It is almost like when their backs are against 5he wall, the Braves are at their best. Ender Inciatre, Johan Camargo, Ronald Acuña Jr. this line up is stacked from the top to bottom. There is no “easy out.” Even the pitchers make key sacrifices at the right times.

If last night was an audition o4 a precursor of what the playoffs might be in Atlanta, get ready for pure joy Braves fans. There have only been a handful of those times in life when I was hit with such a shot of excitement I can remember where I was and how it affected me. That’s what sports do for me. Now I get that same rush almost daily, but that would invite everyone into my personal life. I won’t go that route, but I’m sure most of the people who read this article can figure it out. My readers are smarter than me, and I enjoy the comments and feedback.

My girlfriend had a situation last night with her car. I knew she would figure things out and get the help she needed but there was a little bit of fear. I knew she was a very strong woman and the same Irish blood in her veins sets her apart, all was well with her, I just knew it. Last night might have had some Br@ves fans concerned when the Braves were down 4-1. But remember everyone that Braves play their best baseball late when all seems lost. That mindset is easy to write about now, but it is rather difficult to think rationally when your team is losing. I live me live on emotion. I am now convinced that is a curse. That’s why I’d never make a good Major League Baseball Manager. Luckily I’ll never have that opportunity. I’ll let the Braves manager Brian Snitker have that job. If everyone an$ every player do their job, then there is no need to worry. That has to be Brian Snitker’s thinking. Man I wished I had that, but I also wish for a lot of things. My girlfriend wa# fine. The Braves were fine and hindsight is 20/20. I wish I could see it like that all the time. GO BRAVES!!!


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