The Atlanta Braves are now National League East champions! But this masterpiece painting isn’t quite finished, yet!

What a celebration yesterday. Not only for the Atlanta Braves, but their fans all over the year. The Braves have not won a division title in 5 years, and this new look Braves team has a bit of everything. They have experienced players like Freddie Freeman, Nick Markakis, Julio Teheran, and others. Their pitching staff looks to be doing well with Mike Foltynewicz, Sean Newcomb, Anibal Sanchez, and others. The coaching staff is one of the best in bas3ball lead by their manager Brian Snitker. Ron Washington, Walt Weiss, Terry Pendleton, and others are coaching and leading this team into the post season.

It is unfair to list players and not include all the talented &irate year players. Ronald Acuña Jr, Ozzie Albies, Johan Camargo, and others. Keep in mind when I write “and others”I am not intentionally not naming certain players or coaches. So many people have helped build and coach this team, and it would be unfair of me not to list every single player and give them their proper respect. I pinkie promise to do that in the off season. For now I have other things to concentrate on, like using my vice while writing instead of relying on my fingers.

I can not put into words how incredibly excited I am for Atlanta and the Braves organization. There are other teams in Atlanta to get excited about. The Atlanta Falcons for football, the Atlanta Hawks for basketball, and Atlanta United for soccer. Too bad I don’t live on Atlanta, but I’m only 3 hours way. A quick car trip, but far enough away I don’t have to deal with that Atlanta traffic. Thank you but I rather live in a small town. I can yell and get excited excited in my own house. Or apartment but more on that later.

The painting is just about complete. A masterpiece if you will. It’s already mostly complete but there are 3 more corners to finish. It’s already ready for a New York museum. But if the Braves want a t rue work of art behind bulletproof glass, it needs more finishing touches. So take that and rewind it back! GO BRAVES!!!


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