Anibal Sanchez and Lane Adams lead the way as the Braves complete the sweep of the Phillies.

As Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snitker goes to make the rotation for the Braves post season roster, he may not want to overlook Anibal Sanchez. Sanchez pitched a wonderful game at SunTrust Park on Sunday. Lane Adams would be all the offense the Braves would need to as he drove in the first RBI with a double, and for the encore he hit a home run in his next appearance at the plate. I would think that would guarantee a spot as a pitch hitter in the National League postseason. There are no absolutes obviously, but I think Sanchez and Lane Adams should both fell pretty confident the day after the Braves clinched the National League East.

If you watch as much baseball as I do (thank you MLBNetwork) then you pick up a lot of talk and supposed “theories ” about who the Braves should play and why. Opinions vary and although it might give different opinions, no one really knows what the Braves will do or start in the postseason. Brian Snitker and the coaches have only a couple of weeks to make those decisions. I am definitely not an expert and neither are the hosts of the different talk shows on television. Just because you used to play or coach baseball does not mean your knowledge is greater than a coin flip.

I’m not trying to belittle others but a lot of the most complex decisions sometimes are as easy as a yes or no. A coin flip if you will. We all the the same stats available at our fingertips as anyone like myself who is obsessive over baseball. I think I know a lot more than I really know. I don’t consider the weather or the grass lent( at different ballparks. I don’t do that, I look at numbers, Player, and coaches. The easier stuff. People who take their knowledge to the next level will definitely beat me in a game of chess or any other game that requires strict thinking. They go beyond my simplistic count flip theory.

The Braves will go far this post season, hopefully. The managers and coaches can give all the advice and knowledge they have, but when it comes right down to it the burden lies on the players. The players can be as excited and full of happiness as they want, but that is where the coaches and veteran players should step in. No one remembers who drank the most champagne in the celebrations, but people will remember who won and why. They will remember the struggle and the adversity the teams overcame. That’s what makes a great baseball team. GO BRAVES!!!


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