The Braves go up to New York and handle their business, even in the rain.

When I first turned on the game on Tuesday night and saw the rain pouring down, I said to myself no game tonight. It looks like a random movie night, but the baseball Gods had other plans for the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets. The game would eventually start energy with the rain. The field was a mess. The dirt on the pitching mound looked like cake batter and home plate wasn’t much better. Maybe it’s not as bad playing in the rain. Both teams seemed willing, I guess the umpires don’t mind a wet:ball, but then again these are the same people in charge of screaming at managers or players for using a foreign substance on a ball.

Growing up I have played baseball in the rain, at night, and in a construction yard. Sure I played on a little league field too, but random games at school or with my neighbor hood friends was much more enjoyable. I guess it was the the feeling that no adults could tell us what to do or who had to be in certain positions. It felt like a true rebellion was I was young, of course my main goal was t9 hopefully impress some girls and have fun with my friends. It must be that same mentality when you play professional baseball, but MLB rules will not allow the home plate to be a trash can lid. What do they know?

It must be frustrating being a pitcher for the Braves. Touki Toussaint pitched a great game only allowing 3runs, but he was pulled from the game before the Braves offense decided to come alive. I understand it’s a team game and no one player is above the team, but certainly someone other than me has a bit of frustration. The Braves are getting ready for 5he post season and they also would love to have the best record in the National League. Home field advantage throughout the play offs would be great for the city of Atlanta. Of course the Braves manager Brian Snitker and the other coaches want to watch the players play and the pitchers pitch. Again, no one truly knows what the managers are thinking or how the Braves starting players will be for each game, but it’s fun to guess.

Ronald Acuña Jr. drove in a pair of runs in the 7th inning after the Mets pitching walked the 2batters ahead of Acuña. It was nice watching other teams having to deal with walking players since the Braves have done their fair share of walking batters. Kurt Suzuki also drove in a pair of RBIs . Ozzie Albies hit a home run at Shea stadium but I will give it to the New York fans, the6 stayed and watch the entire game. The game started to collapse for the Mets in the later innings, but the is Braves baseball. Great pitching and late inning heroics. Good thing I didn’t good for the movie option, I would have missed a great game. GO BRAVES!!!


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