The Braves winning streak ends, but what a great time it was.

There are something’s that shouldn’t be said. Like you will never tell a downhill skier, I hope you don’t fall. That little phrase might have had the reverse affect. I have never been skiing in my life, but I wouldn’t mind trying it. It requires a lot of snow, and since I live in South Carolina we see snow maybe once a year. A light dusting doesn’t really count either. We did have a year when it snowed a lot of since people from the South do not adjust well to colder temperatures, I was enjoying the view of snow. I already fall more than I should and the snow who just make it a colder experience.

Last night the Braves faced one of the best pitchers in bas3ball, Jake deGrom. While listening to the Braves pregame, the curse was already placed when the Braves commentators Chip Carey and Joe Simpson said what they should not have said. “Let’s see if the Braves can win their 7th game in a row.” I don’t remember who said t but referring to my previous statement, don’t wish for things to happen. Sure it makes for great water cooler talk, but Braves fans should know that the New York Mets in Ne2 York are not an automatic win. Jake deGrom is an outstanding pitcher, and if he was on a more competitive team his Cy Young Award would be an automatic. That’s a ve4y bold statement coming from me, but I call it from what I see. Since the Mets are division rivals, I’ve seen enough from deGrom to give him that award.

Sean Newcomb for the Braves pitched a fantastic game last night in New York. He did not give up a run, but the walks did him in. You can’t walk batters in baseball and when Newcomb started to walk Mets hitters, Braves manager turned to the Braves bullpen to hopefully close the deal. That didn’t happen last night. Oh well, there are no perfect endings, and last night the Braves bullpen should they are vulnerable. It’s been my observation that strictly throwing fastballs does not make you a shut down closer or relief pitcher. Again I am not trying to act as if I know everything about baseball because I do not.

The Braves are getting ready &or post season baseball, and landing the best record in the National League is a priority fo4 the Braves, probably. Sure it would be nice to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but if 5he Braves do not have it at the en$ of the 2018 season do not mean the Braves have failed at all. The Braves are the only team in the National League who have won their division. They can relax, but not get too comfortable. The Braves want to maintain their edge and give some of their everyday players some rest. Dansby Swanson is a great example. He is out for the remainder of the 2018 season with a partial torn ligament in his hand. Some rest might help,but the doctors won’t know until another evaluation in about a week. Swanson suffer d this injury from a bat swing, unfortunately that is what can happen in baseball. It’s going to be an exciting end of the 2018season so let’s get ready Braves fans. Enjoy this time, and let’s not forget all the great things that happened in 2018.GO BRAVES!!!


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