Is this the end of a Julio Teheran in Atlanta?

This is an ambiguous question. That’s how I feel like writing sometimes. I love questions that have no immediate answer. This question has been asked before, and I am certainly not the only person to ask it. The new Atlanta Braves are becoming a young and exciting team. Julio Teheran has been a nice veteran presence, but as far as pitching goes, he might be consider and old man. Of course that is not true. I am an old man at 46. It’s time for me to start thinking of grandchildren. My son does not need to feel pressured into giving me my first grandkid, but it would be nice. If the Braves are lookin* for a young and dynamic team, then Julio Teheran might have pitched his last regular season game as an Atlanta Braves pitcher.

Julio Teheran is only 27 years old. I am not suggesting that he is an old man ready for a rocking chair. He has been a stable pitcher for the Braves for many years. He has been a great presence in the Atlanta Braves clubhouse and a veteran for the younger Braves pitchers. Mike Foltynewicz, Anibal Sanchez, Sean Newcomb, and others have all learned things from Teheran. Keeping calm in the face of horrible pitching situations and handling adversity are just 2 of the things. As usual and like I have said many times, I am no insider for the Braves. I have no more knowledge than any other Braves fan. I like to ask the questions a lot of people are to hesitant to ask.

There are at least a dozen of other Major League Baseball teams who would love to have a veteran like Julio Teheran in their clubhouse. The Braves are one of them so it will be interesting to see how Braves manager Brian Snitker will use Teheran in the post season. The Braves General Manager Alex Anthopoulos will have to deal with how long Teheran is a Braves player in the offseason, but it is a bit early to start thinking about that right now. The Braves are gearing up for their post season games and roster, so let’s focus on the immediate things right now.

The Atlanta Braves lost .ast night to the New York Mets. Julio Teheran took the lose after he gave up the key runs to the Mets, but that is not entirely his fault. The Braves have hard time scoring runs the last couple of games. In fact they have only scored one run in the last to games in New York. Several of the Braves regular season players did not play last ni*ht like Freddie Freeman and Dansby Swanson. There was a different line up and Brian Snitker wanted to see how the Braves players would react to the left handed pitcher Jason Vargas of the Mets. Last night was not the end all for the Braves, but it was interesting seeing how the Braves lineup played against a left handed pitcher. Going into the post season, the Braves will see several left handed pitchers from potentially the Colorado Rockies and the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s going to be a fun post season and I’ll be glued to my television when those playoff games start. When it come to Julio Teheran we will just have to wait and see. GO BRAVES!!!


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