Mike Foltynewicz pitches his way to a win in Philadelphia. The Braves offense erupts!

One of the most over used quotes in sports is “defense wins championships.” Why that might be true, if you do not score any runs or points you can have the most dominating defense in all of sports, but you might want to get used to several 0-0 scores. How boring would that be? Sounds boring to me at least. If all sporting events had no offense, then where is the challenge? I guess that’s why if I ever coach football, I’d be an offensive coordinator. My friend Greg is all about defense . I wish the time would come where his best defense plays against my best offensive (video games don’t count.) it could happen one day, but since he lives in Texas, that might never happen.

Mike Foltynewicz was great last night. He pitched 5 strong innings, and had his dominating stuff. His fastball was incredible and his off speed pitches made opposing hitters swing and look hopeless at the plate. I am not making fun of the Philadelphia Phillies at all, they have a great ball club. In 2019 the National League East is going to be loaded with talent. The Phillies will be one of those teams. The Washington Nationals, New York Mets, and the Miami Marlins will make the division very interesting and competitive next season.

It’s going to be difficult to focus on just one particular player, and it’s not fair for me to try and do that. FreddieFreeman was excellent and drove had 3 Runs Batted In. Ronald Acuña Jr. drove in a pair of runs and so did stating short stop Charlie Culbertson. Why these 3 men had the offensive numbers, they could not of had those numbers if hitters were not getting on base. Ender Inciarte, Ozzie Albies, and others were getting on base so that they could score. It’s a total team effort, and last night was a perfect example of that. From top to bottom the Braves line up we’re getting key hits against the Phillies pitching staff and were able to take advantage of those situations.

The Braves closing pitcher rotation is being set with manager Brian Snitker watching which pitcher is allowing base runners by hits or walks. That has to be stressful to pitchers, but this is the time of year when the Braves coaching staff can see those situations. With the post season starting this week, it’s going to be crunch time in Atlanta. Every single hitter and pitcher will be closely watched by the Braves coaching staff and other baseball commentators. It is easy to play arm chair manager from South Carolina. I’ll be questioning a lot of what goes on, but I will never forget there is a reason I do not understand every pitching change or pinch hitters or runners. I’ll leave that to the experts, I’m just a passionate Braves fan. Let’s enjoy post season baseball in Atlanta again. GO BRAVES!!!


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