The Braves drop the final game of the 2018 season, but they are headed to the post season!!

Before you get upset about the Braves final game of 2018 in New York, keep in mind the Braves have already won the National League East. They will be ready for their first game on Thursday. Listening to the other possible scenarios in the National League West. This assignment was going to be very interesting to me for a couple of reasons. First although listening to other conversations is rude, when you are merely observing and you don’t know the parties involved it’s very entertaining. A lot can be learned by how other’s communicate and picking up on their language and tones can often lead me to understanding people who don’t think or speak like I do. It is not very hard to be objective since I do not know the topics or persons involved in the conversations.

I chose a local coffee shop to do my research. Just by listening to complete strangers talk about their daily life’s is very different and intriguing, I wanted to avoid gossip or other such nonsense, and I was in luck for my first experiment. Two middle aged men were speaking of continuing their education and the different ways to go about it. They discussed going to a typical college campus or if pursuing an online university would be better.

In the end, the men decided that they thought of themselves as too old to attend traditional class rooms. They decided pursuing an online university might be easier and less expensive too. When the men grabbed their coffee cups, they seemed to be on a small break from their jobs. Both of them had on business suits and looked very professional. Secretly in my mind, I hope they make the right decisions. Although I was not a part of their discussion hearing the men talk about their dreams of a higher education was very reassuring.

My biggest regret is that the odds of running into the same men are slim. I had never seen them before and it’s doubtful if I ever will again. It would be very odd to out of the blue ask them how their school life was going. I was not in the conversation. Although they will probably never know it, these men did influence my life slightly and were the subject of this assignment. Perhaps it’s best if I never see them again. Sometimes not knowing adds to the mystery of life. That’s where the good things go. is enough to give any baseball fan a headache. After a full day of baseball, football, and fantasy games I decided to watch Frozen on ABC. Some might even suggest I turn in my man card first thing tomorrow morning, but then I wouldn’t know if I won my NFL Fantasy game.

In case you can’t tell,I prefer to be the subject of my own jokes, it makes life easier. The different Braves players getting a chance to play tonight was fun. I would try to attempt to name them all, but my spell check would fire me. It was a lot of fun watching the final game in Philadelphia. The Phillies were definitely wanting to go out on my a high note to the dismal season. At one time the Phillies seemed to be the team to beat in the NL East, but injuries and other bad circumstances lead to their downfall. The Atlanta Braves took control of their division and never looked back.

A lot of the so called experts did not pick the Atlanta Braves to even make a possible wild card play off team. The Braves young talent definitely picked up the pace and made baseball fun again in Atlanta. Johan Camargo, Ozzie Albies, and Ronald Acuña Jr. we’re as much fun to watch in the field as they were at the plate. The young pitchers stepped up their game as well. Mike Foltynewicz, Sean Newcomb, and Anibal Sanchez took control of the mound and down the stretch stepped up their game.

The National League postseason begins on Thursday as the wildcard teams play their games to see who will,play on in October and who goes home. It’s all or nothing Time in baseball. It’s either win the series or it’s time to reflect on your season. I’m not trying to suggest if you do not win they World Series of 2018 your entire season was a failure. Quite the opposite, there are many teams and players who wished the could play in October. It’s unfair to name other teams or players by name, but the 2018 Braves should hold their heads up high. It would be nice to win the next three series and if that does happen it will be a rocking time in Atlanta. One can only hope. GO BRAVES!!!


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