Don’t be shocked, but this is a baseball article not focus on the Atlanta Braves.

It’s the Wednesday after the last wild card games have been played. There are now 4 teams in the National League looking to play in the World Series. The Atlanta Braves, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Milwaukee Brewers. I put those team in alphabetical order, so I am not showing any form of favoritism. It is usual to talk about any kind of biased in sports. While I’m watching sport channels like ESPN and the MLBNetwork they are talking about the excitement of the wild card series. It was entertaining for sure and watching the Chicago Cubs no longer playing in the post season is a bit of a shock.

I will not be picking who I think will win the National League Pennant. Remember my page is called Always Braves so that if anything should give you a big hint. The series will begin on Thursday evening and I’m expecting a great series. I will not talk about the American League playoffs unfortunately.

The team’s best pitchers are taking the mound and defining the word “best” is unfair. Maybe I should of said the most rested pitchers will have the mound. This is only the best of 5 series,so setting the tone of the first game is critical. I will watch every inning being thrown from now until the last out of the World Series. This is my time of the year. The best teams in baseball all want to raise that trophy. Having the Atlanta Braves being 1 of those 8 teams is exhilarating.

The baseball of season is already underway. The Minnesota Twins hav3 already let go of 5heir Manager. What big name Manager is next? There are plenty of rumors but if I paid attention to rumors, I’m no different than a school boy trying to find out if a certain girl would date me. If you break it down to the essentials that is all it is. Rumors are just talk to gain ratings, and to insure people will watch your show or read your articles.

Sometimes I have to mute the volume of my television or better yet not watch baseball at all. Sometimes I turn on talk shows like. Maury or Jerry Springer. I know what to expect from those shows. It’s all one big rating race and I don’t know or care who is winning. Luckily I have a Twitter account and other social media to update me on things. I also have a texting notifications about the Braves. I’m covered!

This playoffs will e exciting starting today with the American League.You can throw out all the records and winning streaks now. It’s how well you play right now that will determine how far your team will go. It’s going to be an exciting day. The games will start soon and I need to make sure and not get so caught up in baseball that I forget to pay attention to other things. My cousin just had her son, my girlfriend has a full plate with school, and then there are everyday chores I need to work about. After all my laundry is not going to do itself. Oh well, it’s October and I am very happy. I have a beautiful girlfriend, a roof over my head, and a nice television to watch all the excitement. It doesn’t matter where the games are played all baseball parks are beautiful. In one final note, GO BRAVES!!!


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