Take that L.A.!

That my friends is what you call total excitement. From watching the Los Angeles Dodgers hurt themselves with errors and walks, to watching the Braves hitter become aggressive at the plate, it all lead to an exciting Sunday night in Atlanta. The Atlanta Braves must of needed their familiar home crowd. I could almost feel the excitement from SunTrust Park even though I am 3 hours away.

When Ronald Acuña Jr. hit his first grand slam of his post season career, that was on the same level of not better than any homer in I have ever seen in Major League Baseball. Freddie Freeman would later break a 5-5 score with his own magic. This time his magic was in form of a home run. This is the Braves first post season win since 2013. That is only 5 years ago, but look at what has changed in 5 years.

Baseball is evolving just like technology and many other things. Major League managers are relying more on their relief pitchers and playing small ball. Big hit home run hitters are still a big part of the game, but they are not the only part. Getting runners on base is critical. Having big home run hitters smash the ball over the fence would be very entertaining, but not every player in baseball is a power hitter.

I am not one to watch a whole lot of sports television. Although that may seem ironic with all the baseball I watch. Although I appreciate other people’s opinions, I do not like to fill my head with a lot of pregame hype. I do not like to hear hype over much of anything, even if it is the Braves being hyped up. I prefer to watch the game and experience the excitement of the crowd.

I have a high definition television and this is the time of year when I can really appreciate it. Sure I can watch the game on my phone or tablet, but for big moments, I’d rather experience it on a larger screen. I could of turned my volume up all the way and caused my screen to rock back and forth, but I do believe at times less is more. With the excitement of last. Night’s game, it would be virtually impossible to create that atmosphere again. This isn’t a big movie production full of special noises and effects. This is real life, and oh what a great life it is, especially if you are a Braves fan! GO BRAVES!!!


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