Well it’s going to be an exciting off season for the Braves.

The Braves have played their final gam of 2018. It’s not a time to be sad, or Head our heads in shame. The Los Angeles Dodgers are a very good baseball team. The Atlanta Braves are a very good team as well, and a team with a very nice payroll so they can add a power batter to the lineup. Maybe the team will instead pursue another pitching arm to add to their bullpen. Luckily I will not be making those decisions. General Manager Alex Anthopoulos will along with the advice of Brian Snitker and the other Braves coaches. It’s nice to know the Braves have money to spend in the off season.

True it is my job as a free lance writer to continue to write about other things and baseball news, but I will not write with the same passion as I do with the Atlanta Braves. It is not like the Braves are my only love, but they are a small piece of me. In other words there are a lot of things I love in life, not just the Braves. Family and friends rank the highest. Followed by my love of writing and reading. Experiencing new place, things, and people will offer new excitement going on until the end of 2018. There are almost 3 months left and I plan to use them wisely.

I’m right in the middle of reading my favorite author’s books. Plus as an added bonus after I finish this one, I have two more books by Deborah Harkness to read. I plan on going to Florida in November, Austin , TX in December, and I’m moving into my first apartment in 12 years at the end of October. Just as the Atlanta Braves enjoy their off season, so will I. I’ll still cover any and all the baseball transactions in baseball, but I will probably only write about the Braves. I’ve tried to write about other teams in sports, but there is always something missing. Maybe this is the time for me to go and find that something. Maybe my girlfriend has it in Florida? Maybe I’ll find it in a couple of weeks. At our family’s Oktoberfest? Whatever it is, I’ll find it. Knowing ,e, I’ve always had it but I couldn’t see it right in front of my face. I’ll see everyone very soon, but in the meantime, GO BRAVES!!!


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