It’s almost time for a lot of Braves fans to set aside their grudges.

I know what’s coming at me. People will question my loyalty, sexual preference, or other things that have nothing to do with this article. Many fans are loyal to the Atlanta Braves and hold on to grudges for way too long. Let me suggest this Braves fans, how excited would you be if the Braves starting do? line up included either Bryce Harper or Manny Manchado? Both of these players are available to the highest bidder and the Braves have a lot of salary to spend.

Sure Bryce Harper is meet with boos in Atlanta, but even Freddie Freeman would love to have him in Atlanta. Of course that does not not automatically make Bryce Harper a Braves player. A lot of big market teams want his services too. New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are just a few. Many teams will be interested in Manny Machado too. Both are big powers bats and available in free agency. Maybe it’s time for the Atlanta Braves to make a huge splash in Major League Baseball and make either one an offer they’d be foolish to ignore.

Of course the Braves have a great farm system and there is plenty of young hitters and pitchers in the minor league system. What if those young players saw that Braves General Manager Alex Anthopolis and manager Brian Snitker show their commitment to the city of Atlanta and the Braves organization? Don’t try to act as if you wouldn’t be excited.

Sure this might happen but dreaming about possible scenarios might be fun, but reality plays a role too. Will I be pisses of if the Braves don’t bring in either this Bryce Harper or Manny Machado? No of course not. When I make a wish upon a Star it rarely comes true. Sorry Disney just because I dream it, doesn’t mean it will happen despite how much I work. I’m not going to start a Go FundMe page for free agents, but some die hard baseball fan might. That’s not me, writing is much easier and cheaper. Let’s see how this whole off season works itself out. GO BRAVES!!!


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